Accidents can happen. To protect you, we offer optional Accidental Damage Insurance at checkout for a fee.

If you accidentally cause significant damage to a garment you've rented, you may be liable for repair or replacement fees.

But you can protect yourself by taking up the option of Accidental Damage Protection at the checkout. 

This will help you avoid any unexpected large bills that may come because of a simple mishap. The protection covers a maximum of $300 in repairs or replacement fees.


The price of the Accidental Damage Protection it just $5.95 




The protection is for accidental damage only. This primarily includes:

  • Bad staining that can't be remedied by dry-cleaning and/or spot cleaning;
  • An accidental tear or rip;
  • Large jewels or other pieces that have detached;

The following is excluded:

  • Items which are lost or stolen after the time they were delivered to you;
  • Returns which are lost in the post / lost in transit, where there is no evidence that the return was posted, in the form of online updates on the return tracking number, or a copy of an Australia Post lodgement receipt (note that if this evidence exists, you won't be held liable);
  • Damage caused deliberately;
  • Damage caused by clear recklessness or carelessness

Most minor stains, small tears and pulls don't require any further action. Just return the items using the normal process. 

If you've caused significant damage, then please contact us via email info@thestylesquad.com.au 

Please take some detailed photos of the item as these may be requested.

DO NOT attempt to wash, dry-clean, stitch, glue, or perform any other cleaning, repairs or mending on the item. Please just return the item as is, using the supplied prepaid return post satchel. If any pieces have detached (e.g. fabric, jewels, etc.), then they should be included within the return parcel.

Insurance does not cover damages that ruin a garment, leaving it unable to be re-hired. If a garment is beyond repair, the full recommended retail price will be charged in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Insurance is only available at the time of booking a garment and cannot be added after collection / dispatch of the garment.

If Insurance is not purchased and garment is returned damaged; you can be held liable for all repair costs incurred by The Style Squad including:

  • Mending Fees
  • Dry Cleaning Stains
  • Missed Hire Bookings due to damage / repair delays


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